Privacy Policy Collection Statement

Glengollan respects the privacy of all individuals it engages with and any personal information gathered in order to provide the services it offers. Glengollan is committed to meeting it’s legal requirement to protect the privacy of information held about residents, prospective residents (people who have made an application for accommodation), representatives and staff.

Individuals will be informed about how their information is managed at the time of collection and/or upon request. Glengollan uses and discloses personal information only for the purpose for which it is collected and in order to fulfil its obligations as a quality provider of Retirement Accommodation and Aged Care Services.

Policy and procedures for collecting, storing, use and disposal of personal, health or sensitive information are guided by the Australian Privacy Principles (APP).

This Statement is a summarised version of how we manage your information. Should you have a query about how we handle your information or you would like a copy of our full APP Privacy Policy, please phone us during office hours so your request can be directed to the appropriate person. You may also contact us in writing or access further information by visiting our website (see contact details below).

Information we obtain about you and how it is used and disclosed.

We collect personal and contact details and health information required to establish your resident record and medical record used for the primary purpose of delivering appropriate services and level of care. We collect contact details of your nominated family members, Next of Kin, Representative, Power of Attorney or others who may be involved with your current care or welfare and your future needs and wishes in order to make contact when it is reasonably expected.

Usually your information is obtained directly, however in some circumstances and when expected, we may need to collect it from a relative or representative. You are entitled to withhold or limit certain information you provide us, however this may render the provision of our services to be limited, impractical or impossible.

We collect from and share information with your GP and allied health providers in order to provide for changing care and clinical needs and to maintain your medical record.

Your information may be used where applicable for secondary purposes such as clinical auditing, quality assurance and risk assessment activities, financial reporting for Prudential Compliance, complaints management and accreditation processes.

We liaise with Community Care Agencies, Home Nursing Services and Aged Care Assessment teams to assist with provision of and continuation of your care or support. We exchange information with Medicare, DVA and Centrelink in order to access and process funding depending on your level of care. We will also liaise with and exchange your information with other residential care facilities should transfer of your continuing care be instigated.
Transfer or data storage of your information will only be permitted where reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that your privacy, by agreement or legal obligation, is afforded the equivalent or better level of protection.

Generally your information is only used by the people directly involved with services provided and your care needs, and is not disclosed to other parties without your consent, or unless you would reasonably expect us to, or by arrangement or under circumstances we have told you about, but there are situations which may require disclosure of information about you without your permission.

These situations may include, but are not limited to:

  • an emergency situation and you are unable to give consent
  • when required by law
  • mandatory reporting of an adverse event and
  • reporting to the Department of Human Services of a notifiable disease.

You are entitled to access your personal information and health information (with limited exceptions) and request amendment should it be inaccurate. We have formal processes in place should you wish to access your information.